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We Are Open and We Are Offering Zoom Consultations


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Family Law

Family Law embraces the branch of civil law that includes divorce, adoptions, surrogacy, child custody, child support, LGBT+ same sex marriages and divorce, retirement, military family law and so much more.

Heather Hudson understand the challenges you face and will help you create a unique road map that suits your needs and wants, while moving in the field of the law. Heather Hudson will provide clear guidance and solid solutions through negotiation, mediation and court if necessary. Heather Hudson can help you be realistic and help you the decisions she will be asking you to make as you move through your family law matter.


What will my attorney expect from me?
Be honest and provide all necessary information to help your case. Even if it is not favorable to you. Be patient with the process and with your attorney. Understand that this process is not open and close and will take time.
What can I expect from my attorney?
No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case. Your attorney should know all the facts of your case. Your attorney should be dedicated to meeting your needs and wants while in the confines of the law.
What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
You will complete an intake form with my paralegal, who will then schedule you for a consultation. We will spend about an hour with you discussing your case. Once you have decided to hire me, we will begin working on your case immediately.
What types of customers have you worked with?
I have worked with all types of customers. I have done modifications, enforcements, divorces, adoptions, terminations, surrogacy, and other family law cases.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
Ask questions, like - how will you communicate with me? - how soon after hiring you will you start my case? - will I receive all my filed pleadings in my case? - what are your qualifications? - what is your experience? - how long will this take?
What is an uncontested divorce?
Your divorce is uncontested when it is: 1) agreed - you and your spouse agree about all the issues in your case, or 2) default - your spouse is given legal notice of your divorce by Official Service of Process, Publication, or Posting, and does not file an Answer or Waiver of Service with the court or otherwise appear in a case.
What does a divorce do?
A divorce:
1) dissolves your marriage
2) divides your community property (and debt).
3) determines child custody, visitation, and child support.
4) can change names back to someone's maiden name.
Why is adoption important?
A legal adoption enables you and your spouse to have the same rights and responsibilities with respect to the child as a biological parent has.
How long does an adoption take place?
The amount of time an adoption takes places varies with your circumstances, but it can take a few months to complete the adoption process.